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Beshara Helou, MD Beshara Helou, MD

LASIK changed my life in an unbelievable way. No more worries about contact lenses while I enjoy outdoor activities such as horseback riding and playing in the ocean with my daughters. I am forever grateful to Dr. Jaoude!

Semaan Abboud, MD Semaan Abboud, MD

It´s amazing how one of the most life changing events in my life, took only minutes! The thrill of waking up every morning to see my world in focus without glasses or contacts lenses can´t quite be put into words. It´s beyond incredible!

Fabricio Alarcon, MD

The convenience of no more glasses, no more contact lenses is only an addition to the pleasure I now experience with crisp, clear vision. Following my custom vue lasik PRK(LASIK) procedure with Dr Jaoude, I was so excited with my new vision I could hardly believe my own eyes could see so well. I´m thrilled beyond any of my expectations.

Sandee Walker, R.N.L.N.O. Sandee Walker, R.N.L.N.O.

For years I was skeptical about the LASIK procedure, despite working in the medical field. Thanks to Dr. Jaoude, my fears were alleviated and I now see the world in a crisper, clearer sense. No more squinting, or glasses or contacts. And he did such fantastic job that my vision is now better than ever.

Nancy and Prentiss Adkins, MD Nancy and Prentiss Adkins, MD

After meeting Dr. Jaoude and his staff, the LASIK procedure sounded to good too be true. Since I am a Nurse and my husband a Physician we did our homework and were surprised at how many colleagues had already had the procedure. From the first exam to the after care, Dr. Jaoude and his staff were exceptional. Following the procedure we really could not believe the clarity of vision and easy recovery. The clarity of vision has exceeded all our expectations. In fact our daughter, also a Nurse, was so impressed that after watching our procedure she had LASIK and now we are a GLASSES-FREE household. Thank you, Dr. Jaoude

Brooke Morra Brooke Morra

When I was reffered from Dover to see Dr. Jaoude for a corneal consultation, I was quite irritated. It would be over an hour drive to his office on Long Neck Road and this would delay my LASIK surgery that I was anxious to be approved for. However, from the moment I walked into the Millsboro Eye Care office, I was glad that I had made the trip. Isaac, the receptionist, is always upbeat and courteous. Dawn the office manager and the rest of the Millsboro Eye Care staff help me to feel comfortable and offer any assistance I may need prior to seeing the doctor,Dr. Jaoude himself is a very kind man who put me at ease during each and every visit and ultimately during my surgery.While I was disappointed that I had to wait several months to have LASIK, I knew that every precaution was taking place, that I was in good hands, and that I would receive a top notch surgery. I could not be more pleased with the results. LASIK surgery has changed my life; I often forget that I ever had to hassle with glasses and contact lenses. Having my surgery done by Dr. Jaoude and being in contact with his staff at Millsboro Eye Care was worth every penny I spent and every mile I drove.

Brenda Mollura Brenda Mollura

Getting laser eye surgery has been a dream of mine for some time. I´ve been wearing glasses for 16 years, and I´m only 25! After my friend had the surgery done by Dr. Jaoude, I made a appointment for consult. From the start, he and his staff made me feel extremely comfortable with the pending procedure. My confidence in him increased when he insisted on measuring my vision several times during the three months prior. The surgery itself was quick and relatively easy to endure. Since the PRK procedure takes longer to heal than traditional LASIK, the first few days afterwards were painful; plus, I did not have immediate 20/20 vision. My vision improved perfectly to 20/20 over the next eight weeks. Throughout my recovery period, Dr. Jaoude encouraged and supported me, and he made himself available to answer all of my questions and concerns. If you plan to get laser eye surgery, make an appointment with Dr. Jaoude: I promise you won´t want to go anywhere else.

Irene Viola, MD Irene Viola, MD

I am a busy mother of a 4 & 2 year old & just started enjoying the beach with them. It was difficult to swim under water since I was afraid my contact lenses would come off & float away, and I would be BLIND! Dr Jaoude performed my LASIK surgery and I now do everything without contacts! I still can´t believe that as soon as I open my eyes in the morning I can see everything! Being a local physician in the area where Dr. Jaoude practices, I have recommended him to many patients & they all LOVE him & have been satisfied with his care. I highly recommend Dr Jaoude for all of your eye care needs!

Pramod Vadlamani, MD Pramod Vadlamani, MD

To do the work I love as a physician without the interference of glasses in one word is - GREAT! This is a new sense of freedom, completely awesome! After meeting Dr. Jaoude, there wasn´t a doubt that having High Definition LASIK was one of the most significant choices of my lifetime, and one that I will be forever grateful that I made.

Uday Jani, MD Uday Jani, MD

I am still amazed that after years of suffering with my glasses I can see - anytime anywhere - High Definition LASIK is the most wonderful thing I´ve ever gone through and I´ve never been more excited to share such an incredible experience. Dr. Jaoude and his staff are the epitome of professionalism. I had absolute confidence that my eyes were in the best care with Dr. Jaoude

Rajinder Prasad, MD & Varsha Morar, MD Rajinder Prasad, MD & Varsha Morar, MD

Dr.Jaoude is not only an excellent physician but also a very pleasant and courteous person. The ease with which he performed our vision correction surgery & his meticulous follow up is the reason that we have forgotten about our glasses. Indeed credit goes to Dr. Jaoude´s excellent surgical technique for such a good result. Our vision is now 20/20 & it seems like life has changed. I cannot believe that we don´t need glasses anymore!

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If you need further information or setup a complimentary free lasik screen please contact Dr. Jaoude at 302-684-2020
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