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What is RESTOR?
The AcrySof RESTOR Apodized Diffractive Optic Posterior Intraocular Lens is a permanent artificial lens. The RESTOR lens is convex on both sides and made of a soft plastic. It is folded and inserted into the eye through a tiny incision smaller than the optic diameter of the lens. After insertion, the lens gently unfolds to RESTOR vision. The supporting arms of the lens maintain proper positioning within the eye.
How does it work?
How does it work? The AcrySof RESTOR Intraocular Lens replaces the natural lens. It has a patented optic design using apodization, diffraction and refraction technologies. The apodized diffractive optic design gives it the ability to focus light correctly on the retina for images at various distances without mechanical movement of the lens.

• Apodization is a gradual reduction or blending of the diffractive step heights.
• This unique technology optimally manages light energy delivered to the retina because it distributes the appropriate amount of light to near and distant focal points, regardless of the lighting situation.
• Apodized diffractive optics are designed to improve image quality while minimizing visual disturbances. The result is an increased range of quality vision that delivers a high level of spectacle freedom.
When is RESTOR used?
The AcrySof RESTOR Intraocular Lens is used in adult patients with and without presbyopia, who desire near, and distance vision with increased independence from glasses and contact lenses. It is FDA approved for use after cataract surgery.
What will RESTOR be able to accomplish?
he AcrySof RESTOR Intraocular Lens has been shown in a clinical study to provide good near, and distance vision with increased independence from glasses.
Who is a good candidate for the RESTOR Intraocular Lens?
Virtually everyone who has cataracts and is in good general health may be candidate for implant surgery, but people with chronic infections, uncontrolled diabetes, or other health problems may have to wait until these conditions are under control prior to surgery. People who have had prior laser eye surgery including LASIK, Custom LASIK, PRK, LASEK, Epi LASIK or any other corneal Laser Eye Surgery may be acceptable candidates for RESTOR implantation as long as their eyes are in good health. After a thorough examination and consultation, your surgeon will be able to better advise you if you qualify for the RESTOR implant.
How are RESTOR, REZOOM & CRYSTALENS implanted?
RESTOR, REZOOM & CRYSTALENS Lens Replacement Surgery is performed in a similar manner to cataract surgery. It is performed in an outpatient surgery center. With RESTOR, REZOOM & CRYSTALENS Lens Replacement Surgery, your surgeon will numb the eye with eye drops much like with LASIK. He or she will then make a very tiny incision at the outer edge of the cornea through which a microscopic instrument can be inserted. Using ultrasound from the tip of the microscopic instrument, your surgeon will actually be able to gently break the crystalline lens into pieces small enough to be washed away and drawn through the probe and removed from the eye. Once your natural crystalline lens has been removed, it can now be replaced by a new permanent Intraocular Lens Implant. The new lens is readily inserted and placed in position through the same tiny incision at the outer edge of the cornea through which the natural lens was removed.
RESTOR SurgeryRESTOR SurgeryRESTOR Surgery
In order to help you achieve your goal of being able to see at far, intermediate arms length and up close for reading vision, your surgeon will select from advanced intraocular lens technology available today which includes RESTOR, REZOOM & CRYSTALENS. Each of these advanced technology implantable lenses uses a slightly different optical design to help you achieve your goal of clear vision at all distances. Your surgeon and his or her staff will discuss their recommendation based on many factors in your consultation. If You Would Like to learn more about restor lens,please contact Dr.Jaoude at 3029454700.
When should RESTOR not be used?
There are no known contraindications. However, based on the FDA clinical trials, Alcon, the lens manufacturer, has indicated the following types of patients possibly should not have the AcrySof RESTOR Apodized Diffractive Intraocular Lens:

• Patients that are hypercritical with unrealistic expectations
• Patients with excessive complaints about their prescription
• Patients who drive at night for a living or whose occupation or hobbies depend on good night vision
• Patients who are amateur or commercial airline pilots
• Patients who have life long complaints about glare
• Patients who are happy wearing glasses
• Patients who want guarantees on surgical outcomes
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If you need further information or setup a complimentary free lasik screen please contact Dr. Jaoude at 302-684-2020
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